Interactive Whiteboard Software

Bundled packages

Bundled Packages consists

of one Omnitapps Professional license or Omnitapps Desktop license with one Omnitapps Launcher. Save money.

Mutli-Touch Suite Launcher

Mutli-Touch Suite Professional

Unique Features:

Mutli-Touch Suite Desktop

Unique Features:

  • Landscape Mode only
  • All apps except OmniShuffle
  • OmniWebviewer, single website
  • Launch desktop projects only

Adaptive Software

Interactive Touch Software

Easily customizable, with an extensive portfolio of apps

Adaptive Projections

  • Virtual marker drawing tools
  • Import pictures or drawings to mark-up
  • Save marked up drawings
  • Print mark ups.

Copyright @ 2014 Adaptive Projections, LLC. All rights reserved

Multi-Touch Suite Launcher

is a low cost project player for a touchscreen.

Projects must be developed in

Professional or Desktop versions.

  • Landscape, Table, Portrait Modes
  • Omniwall
  • OmniTimeline
  • OmniMatch
  • OmniShuffle
  • OmniMap
  • OmniRequest brochures (email)
  • OmniWebviewer, multiple websites
  • RSS Tickertape
  • Launch Professional and
    Desktop projects
  • More